10 Foot Problems You Cannot Ignore

As the world of medical science grows and improves every day, it is becoming more apparent how unique each person’s experience with the same condition or disease can be. Though many symptoms are shared across various conditions and diseases, the way in which we experience those symptoms can be as unique as our individual personalities. After hearing this, it makes you wonder why less than one-third of people who experience pain or discomfort in their feet and ankles will seek the help of a foot specialist, i.e., a podiatrist.

There’s an unfortunately common misperception in today’s culture that podiatry is exclusively for elderly people. While at least half of a podiatrist’s patients may be considered seniors, the truth is that podiatrists see all different age ranges. There are podiatrists that specialize in children and young adults, especially those who are regularly active in team sports. Even folks in their mid-twenties, their thirties, or forties, and up can receive help from seeing a podiatrist at least annually. This is especially true for anyone whose family has a history of foot issues, particularly conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, or arthritis. Some of these conditions can be genetically inherited, like flat feet or bunions, which makes early prevention a smart move. How do you know if you should consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Michael, Dr. Nadine Thabata, or Dr. Lisa Zhang at Tri County Foot & Ankle Center?

  1. Slow or fast developing bumps or bumps
  2. Deformities, like bunions or scrunched toes
  3. Flat feet or fallen arches
  4. Pain that increases with activity
  5. Experiencing discomfort that changes how you walk
  6. When a wound heals slowly or doesn’t heal at all on your feet
  7. Swollen feet, ankles, or toes, especially when one-sided
  8. Numbness, burning, or tingling sensations
  9. Skin discoloration (Yes, your podiatrist can address that!)
  10. Pain that does not subside with rest

Considering how often we are on our feet every day, it is about time we consider them a priority. If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, a visit to one of our 5 great locations (Bayonne, Randolph, Kearny, Jersey City, and East Brunswick) in New Jersey is in your future. Call us to schedule your appointment today!

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