3 Steps to Find the Right Fit

When compared to the other limbs on our body, our two feet do the majority of the work on a daily basis. Our feet carry our bodies around town, up and down flights of stairs, across both rough and smooth terrain, taking the brunt of our weight as they go. A study performed in 2014 found that nearly 80% of Americans experience daily foot pain yet less than one-third of those sufferers will ever seek treatment from a trained podiatrist. As an able-bodied person, the upkeep and maintenance of our feet are important – this goes for both inside and out. When caring for the outside of our feet, we might treat issues like corns and calluses, or even toenail fungus. When it comes to the inside of our feet, like bunions, fallen arches, or plantar fasciitis, only a foot doctor can provide relief by prescribing orthotics.

Orthotics are biomechanical tools used to help realign our feet the way they were meant to be. Have you found yourself inheriting dad’s flat feet? Maybe you’re worried about developing bunions like grandma? These conditions, and so many more, can be proactively addressed and treated with the help of orthotics. Orthotics take the ‘guessing game’ out of whether a pair of shoes will truly fit and support the inner structures of your feet. Here’s how to get started when you want to pursue orthotics for the health of your feet and ankles:

Step One: Find out which Tri County Foot & Ankle Center location is closest to you. With five different locations – Bayonne, Randolph, Kearny, East Brunswick, and Jersey City – it’s easy to find a foot doctor in New Jersey.

Step Two: Call to schedule an appointment once you have found your preferred location. Are your feet particularly painful? Be sure to schedule sooner rather than later.

Step Three: Start compiling thoughts and ideas about your foot and ankle pain now. Remember that time you sprained your ankle during your sophomore year of college? Write it down! The history of your feet and ankles matter when it comes to relieving your discomfort. Our doctors look forward to meeting you!

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