6 Tips For A Great Fit

Our feet, like the foundation of a building, are important to providing structure and stability in our bodies. Improperly fitting shoes aren’t just uncomfortable–they can cause damage in the long term to our lower extremities. Everyone’s feet are different. The shape of our feet will change throughout our lives as we age, even when we experience pregnancy or illness. Enlisting the help of a podiatrist will give you the tools you need to know what to look out for when getting your next pair of shoes. Here are six tips to help you figure out if your shoes truly fit:

  • Find a fitting specialist near you. Get both feet measured, as there may be a difference in sizes between your feet.
  • Ask a fitting specialist if the shoes are straight or curved. Shoes are made of varying materials and can be uncomfortable if the material isn’t strong enough to support the foot.
  • Take a stroll in your shoes before purchasing them. Pay careful attention to any tightness or friction and where it is occurring. Be sure to let the fitting specialist know!
  • Tell us about any symptoms of discomfort. This will help us figure out where your feet need more support and corrective footwear.
  • Check in to see if your feet would benefit from supportive shoe inserts, or if you need medical grade orthotic inserts or shoes.
  • When deciding if a new pair of shoes is necessary, give your insurance hotline a call. Some insurance companies will cover part of the cost of orthotic inserts or shoes to help you feel better.

After reading this helpful list, you will surely be on your way to getting a better fitting pair of shoes. Dr. Jonathan Michael, Dr. Nadine Thabata, and Dr. Lisa Zhang and associates are trained to answer any questions you may have when finding a properly fitting pair of shoes.

At Tri County Foot & Ankle Center, our doctors are prepared to help you find the right pair of shoes. Call us today at (713) 946-1500 to schedule an appointment at one of five locations nearest to you.

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