The human body is made up of several complex and integrated connections that help us function in many different ways. Each of the connections is responsible for some kind of involuntary of voluntary functions that one might seem fit. But then the main parts of the body other than the mind and the heart are the basic things that actually makes us human beings, the structure. The structure of any human being can be classified on the basis of the formation of the skeleton system that makes everything inside the body to stay in place and protect several of the organs as well. But each of the bones in the skeletal system is connected by the means of joints that are made up of tendons, muscles and ligaments, which when interconnected happen to give you your physical self. But what if in some random condition there might be something that is eating up these joints and also causes further problems at these vulnerable points. That’s where the term is coined as an arthritic condition. In this condition, if you think it might be something related to inflammation or even any underlying condition that aggravates this, then there are several arthritic conditions that could be held responsible for this. It mainly occurs in the joints of the knee or in the shoulders of older people who happen to keep moving from one place to another. It’s very common in the 21st century and there are different ways that it can be detected and even assessed as to which kind does the individual has. Hence now that you have a basic overview about what an arthritic condition might be, let’s get down to knowing the several types of arthritic conditions and know in details as to what they are and how they can be caused in your body. Let’s get started. 


The human body, in general, happens to be one of the most advanced living organisms in the world. Mainly because of the fact that it has evolved in many different directions that give us superiority over others. Though all aspects of the human body happen to be advanced, the human legs are the ones that turn out to do several of the things in order for us to classify as human. From standing to running and even simply taking all the weight of the body, they sure are magnificent in some ways or the other. But the legs comprise the foot, ankles, knees, etc. that make the leg a complex yet the interesting thing to study and understand. But when we dive deeper into the world of the different conditions that might affect the leg, then there are plenty that both you and I cannot think off. Mainly because of the fact that these conditions can occur at any point in time and cannot be predicted. Well yes, they can but then not at all times. tests can be done in order get to know the underlying condition that is affecting the individual. But when we come to the foot, then there are several arthritic conditions that can affect it and one of them is gout. Therefore, let’s take a deeper look into the topic and have a brief overview of the topic. Let’s get started. 

There are many arthritic conditions and the most prominent of the lot is gout. Gout happens to be one of those conditions where the person can actually witness the symptoms on the toe and also feel the development of the condition when they happen to have it. Therefore, if we want to understand the condition of gout, then it’s a scenario where the side of the toe or anywhere in the joints of the foot. But for this overview let’s take the toe as an example. Hence it happens to be inflated beyond imagination till the joint of the toe and hence gives some immense pain as well along with the swelling. 

Not only this but the occurrence of gout can happen to anyone. Regardless of age or sex, its happenings are diversified throughout the globe. the pain that you might get is severe and the swelling keeps increasing along with redness and tenderness of the affected region. Burning sensation is the most prominent of things that the person could experience. Hence gout is the worst kind of arthritic problem that one could ever endure. 

Ankle Arthritis

The human body in many different ways happens to surprise us in several ways that we might not even imagine. Mainly because of the fact that we have a superior edge over other species in terms of evolution and the tasks that we can carry out in our day to day life. But what helps us in carrying these tasks out and what could be the possible reason for us being this active in our daily lives? Well, the one answer that comes into the picture is the muscles and the ligaments that keep the bones together in a proper shape and also keep it in sync with the rest of the body. These tendons and ligaments are the main reasons as to why we can actually move and use our external peripherals as and when we wish to. While some might be involuntary, but then the voluntary actions are pure because of these joints and connections that are in thousands. But then needless to say that even though these joints and ligaments that are proactive in their work, there are many things that could attack them and also make them vulnerable in their basic functionality. This is where we come into the topic of arthritis. Out of all conditions out there, arthritis is the only conditions that could affect you very badly and also cause some intense amount of damage as well. Therefore, let’s dig a bit deeper into the subject and explore more about the condition. 

Arthritis is basically the inflammation of the muscles and the ligaments that happen to connect one bone to another. Thus, building up the human body. But then arthritis, in general, can be of several kinds and some of them happen to affect the ankle as well. This condition is known as ankle arthritis. What this means is that the tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. holding the leg to the foot happens to be ruptured or inflamed under pressure or some other reasons. Thus, paving way for this condition to arise. Well, the main part that happens to be affected is the tibiotalar or the ankle of the leg. But then if you were to take a deeper look at this condition then you will see that arthritis can happen anywhere on the body irrespective of the place. All it needs are the regular movement of bones and arthritis happen to occur at that position. age, sex does matter as the individuals with an older age are more susceptible to this condition and more than men, women happen to have more of arthritis. Mainly due to the wearing of heels and their lifestyle. arthritis in the ankle is still not known whether it can affect the movement or not. Research is still being done in order to know what the underlying cause of such a situation might be to rise. Hence inflammation, redness, constant pain while moving, and jolt shock of pain in the ankle might indicate that you might have arthritis. If you are young then, it might be something else, but if you are over the age of 60-70 and you have an intense physical working regime, then ankle arthritis is something that could affect you at any point of time.

Foot Arthritic

The only reason as to why man has been able to get everything in the right way is that the advancement in science and technology has given him that superior edge in classifying him as the most superior form of being to ever walk the earth. From the eradication of several diseases to the perfection of things that paved the way to greater inventions, everything goes hand in hand. But when you look into the anatomy of the human body then you can see that there hasn’t been any kind of significant change in the human body itself. No kind of genetic mutation in recent decades or any breakthroughs to achieve the status of superhumans. But in the end in the world of facts and fiction, you can come across reality that brings with it some deadly versions of diseases, infections and deformations that can be interesting but then very dangerous as well. Hence in this segment, we are going to take a deeper look at the subject of certain conditions that might affect the foot in several different ways. Let’s get cracking.

The things that can affect the human body are of plenty. It could vary from infections to even some viral diseases as well. But in the end, when you leave out the entire body and focus on the leg, then you come to the realization that there are truckloads of infections that could affect the legs and the foot. It could still vary depending on the person’s lifestyle, but the condition that we are going to have a brief summary of is arthritis. But to be particular foot arthritis. Well, the general or the basic opinion about arthritis is that it is the condition where the tendons, ligaments and muscles of a particular joint anywhere on the body happened to be inflamed due to pressure or frictions that leads to swelling, numbness and even burning like sensation. This is known as arthritis. But when the same condition happens to appear on the foot, then it is known as foot arthritis. there can be several causes for this to even occur. For some, it might be because of any kind of external factor affecting the foot or it just might be genetic in some cases.

In most of the times, there are ample symptoms that one could feel when they have foot arthritis. Because when your tendons and ligaments of the foot happen to be inflamed, then the movement is restricted, and pain is the only thing that you can feel if not for any other kind of felling. Hence when you are attacked by arthritis or in reference to this context, foot arthritis, then it’s better to consult a doctor as fast as possible and start the treatment. Because it starts affecting your mental and physical ability to do anything whatsoever. But arthritis doesn’t just happen, you can feel pain, then it moves onto swelling and after a couple of days it just boosts up the pain to an entirely new level that can result in deep agony and distress of various sorts.

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