Fractures and sprains are the two most prominent things that happen to people all over the world. Well at times this might be accountable because of some kind of accident or it might be natural as well. Natural because of the lower bone density that one might sport that might lead to these types of conditions. But then our human body comprises of 206 bones and each of the bones happens to be held responsible for some kind of work that they have to carry out. The interesting fact is that quarter of these bones are present in the foot. Talking about the foot, the foot also happens to have some of the most interesting things that could ever happen in this part of the body. If you were to think that it’s safe from all kinds of diseases, infections and deformations then that’s where you are wrong as most of the conditions that you might witness happen to the foot. But then there can be some which are quite serious and also cause the foot to be really bent over that can either stop functioning or even cause it just loose its overall control in general. 

Out of all the conditions that we have discussed earlier, let’s talk about one such interesting type of defect that is also known as bunions. Basically, what this means is that the middle part of the big toe right in the for foot happens to move inward causing the middle part of the toe to just move out, thus paving way for the condition of bunions. Well, it might replicate the symptoms of fracture or a sprain, but it’s a totally different concept. So, in this article, we are going to discuss in-depth the various different things that you might have to know if you were to be diagnosed with the condition of bunions. Let’s get started.


Besides having to know what bunions actually means and other things revolving around it, let’s try to find out the different interesting things about the condition. As well all know that each and every condition is different from one another such that it can either be unique in how its caused and its overall occurrence. Or it could be something that we might have dealt in the past. Therefore, in this segment of the article we are going to discuss some of the interesting facts about the condition of bunions where you can come to know statistical figures about the condition and also how one could possibly know how many people might be affected by the condition and also why bunions still happen to exist amongst us. So, without further ado, let’s get started on these interesting facts.

  • Gender happens to play a vital role in the occurrence of bunions in one’s body. Mainly because of the lifestyle and the things that they sport. Women happen to have 10 times higher chances than men to have the condition of bunions.
  • Well in the united states of America, almost 19% of the total population happen to have bunions or some other kind of foot related problems.
  • The human foot is primarily made up of 26 bones. That means to say that about 25% of the total bone density in our body happens to be allocated in the foot.
  • Because of the condition of bunions, more than 85% of the total people happen to have one leg longer than the other. Or it might be some kind of natural defect or gift, differs from one person to another.
  • Almost 75% of the total American population happen to have foot related problems in a year. That is larger than any other country in the world.
  • Hammer toes and other condition that have a similar condition to that of bending up of toes are associated with the condition of bunions. Also, another condition is highly linked with the occurrence of bunions.
  • On an average one of ten people in America happen to be diagnosed with bunions in a year.

Causes and symptoms

In this world, if you ever wanted to know what went wrong or what it might seem to be that might be causing the problem then you might have to dig deeper inside the situation to actually find the underlying cause. Therefore, in this segment, we are here to discuss the various causes of the occurrence of bunions. Bunions generally happen through stress-induced pressure or even through vigorous activities and strain at one point of the foot. Thus, making the side of the toe to push inwards. Aggravating the condition and therefore making it really hard for the person to even move their legs. Bunions, in general, happens to those people who use their edge of the foot a lot and that might be accountable to people who are dancers and even occupational hazards who have to stand on their foot for several hours together. Hence each and every condition has its root cause and for bunions in no different story in general. There are several causes for bunions to even happen, but most of them are either accidental which doesn’t apply to causes and others are natural that tend to just happen right from when you are born. Hence below we have enlisted some of the main causes for the occurrence of bunions in the foot. Let’s get started.

  • Using one foot more than the other – well what this means to say that if an individual were to stand on one of their legs for more often than it might result in aggravating the condition a whole lot more in general. Therefore, it's highly advised to stand on both the foot and distribute eight equally on both sides.
  • Foot injuries – this can be another case as there can be several other ways where bunions can be a high possibility in your foot. Mainly because of the fact that if there were any kin fog foot injury then it would lead to the toe to be severely damaged and thus causing the onset of bunions.
  • Heredity – it’s sad to actually know that if you were to have genes running around in your family that almost everyone has bunions, then it’s very likely that you as well will have bunions at some point in your lifetime.
  • Defect in development – this comes under natural defects but then if your body isn’t being developed properly while growing inside of your mother’s stomach, then it’s very likely that bunions are the more prone deformations that anyone could ever experience.
  • Preexisting foot deformations – if you were to have one kind of foot deformation, then it’s very likely that another is just around the corner. Mainly because of the fact that metatarsalgia, hammer toes and several other foot related conditions happens to make it way worse than it is and also aggravates the condition of bunions even further.
  • Improper vaccinations – if the patient hasn’t been given any kind of vaccination right when they were born or at any given particular point of time then it’s very likely that polio or another kind of incurable diseases can lead to the formation of bunions around the edges of the toes of any of the foot.

Every person that happens to be diagnosed with any kind of disease, infection or deformations, they all happen to have some kind of root cause. Well, these causes, once they are found they can be treated and the person can become healthy like he was before. But then to find these root causes, it might be a totally different story as there are several different steps involved. Some of them are testing or researching of the condition by doctors and experts or simply by looking at the symptom. If you were to look at the symptoms of any condition then you can come to know what is affecting the patient and what might be the treatment suitable for curing the overall problem as well. Therefore, when we come down to the condition of bunions then you can always expect that there will be some kind of symptoms where each one can come to know what officially the condition is and how to tackle it. Hence below we have rounded up some of the most common types of symptoms that a person might expect when they have the condition of bunions. It might look similar than others, but the human eye can differentiate the conditions and give you a proper diagnosis as well. Take a look.

  • The color that you can witness – whenever if you were to be diagnosed with bunions or have the feeling that bunions are present on your foot, then you will see redness on the region where it actually has occurred.
  • Feeling – if it were to come down to the way that you felt while you had bunions then it’s in a simple word to explain it all. That it is pain, a lot of pain. It’s like you have never felt it in your entire life. Needless to say, that it’s not only pain that you are going to experience but then you will also witness soreness around the affected region mainly in the area of the toe and extreme chances of it also being numb. Well, the numbness factor happens to come and go at its own will and wish, so it’s uncertain in many of the ways.
  • Not only this but then as one of the symptoms you can easily start to sense some kind of burning sensation where you can see that the part of the toe that was affected by bunions looks normal enough and is red, but the burning or heating sensations is only felt but not seen.
  • Looks – by the look at the region that has the condition then you can see that there is significant swelling which happens to be really great and noticeable. Not only this but the entire joint area of the toe where bunions usually happen is swollen to the extreme.
  • The skin that is underneath the toe happens to be harder than ever before and also becomes numb at regular interval of time.
  • Also, you can see that some other foot related problems also start to immerge that happens to give you an indication that bunions are definitely there. Some of these conditions include corns and calluses, hammer toes, etc.
  • The overall movement of the toes is restricted on so many levels that it just looks like an antique piece where you can’t do anything to make it go away.

Now that you have seen the various symptoms about bunions, now let’s move onto the world of some factors that if you have intentionally or non-intentionally then you have a sure shot cause to have bunions. What this means to say so that the things that are given below are some of those reasons where if you have them then you have bunions, but if these conditions happen to be a part of your life, then you might get it in time. Hence the various risk factors of bunions are given below.

  • Wearing of high heels – well for some people this might seem absurd, but then wearing of high heels happen to be one of the root causes for all the foot related problems. Not only this but then the entire body posture happens to go for a toss and wearing them for a really long time can simply aggravate the condition into becoming something much worse.
  • Genes – this is a natural factor where you simply cannot avoid the fact that at some point in time in your life the condition of bunions is definitely going to affect you for sure.
  • Tight fitting shoes – this is mainly for the people who happen to wear narrow pointed shoes or simply the shoes that are really tight, it can be a nightmare for these people as they are the ones where bunions could occur at any point in time and after they get it, its pain all throughout the way. Some bunions are irreversible in nature.
  • Pre-occurring foot related problem – if your foot is already diagnosed with some other kind of deformity then you have much higher chances of having bunions in your lifetime.

How to know if you have bunions?

For many people out there, the very fact that to know that you have something and getting it treated is the best way to actually get yourself diagnosed for the particular condition and then be relieved that you are free from it. But then for the people who actually don’t know how to get into the world of knowing what kind of condition that you might be suffering from, then don’t worry, we will help you out. There can several ways for this. For some, it can be by just looking into the condition or the symptoms that you have and the internet will help you out. But for others, it could be something that is internal and thus can be different from others. Consulting a doctor would be the best way to know what’s there inside of you and how you can actually get the right kind of treatment in general. Other than this there are several different conditions out there that happen to portrait similar kind of symptoms that can just be confusing as to how could you know what is affecting you were. Talking about the things that happen to the foot, then it can be something that could really be difficult as most of the symptoms might appear to be the same, but for a few like bunions, it is really different. So how can you tell that you have bunions? Is the real question that you should ask yourself? Well then don’t worry as we have all the answers might over here where you can find out for yourself whether or not you are affected with bunions. Let’s get cracking.

  • For most of them out there, the symptoms of bunions appear from the slightest of occurrence of bunions on their toes. But then the condition simply starts to get worse as the day goes by because there aren’t any kind of medication that you can pull off in order to get the toe back into shape. Hence you are going to experience an immense amount of pain and agony when you have bunions. Even when there are slightest of chances that you have bunions then also you will be getting a lot of pain.
  • But in the start, you will see that one of the toes happens to just move its way into the other toe and a big bulge like structure is formed on the other side of the toe.
  • Not only this but you will experience burning like sensation as well that leads to the distress and agony.
  • A whole a lot of swelling and redness in the region of where bunions have actually happened on the foot. Needless to say, that the external shape of the toe can give you a frank idea about the condition and that’s more than enough to tell you that you have bunions.
  • Also, the main tell about bunions is that you won’t be able to walk normally like before and will have a crippled like walking rhythm that happens to be really awkward on many different levels.

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