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Ankles are the base withstanding the pressure of entire body, any injury, be it genetics or wear and tear can be the major reason beyond the damage of the cartilage


Human body has many arches. Arches are present in every structure and minor combination within the body. Needless, to say that the health of arch is of utmost importance.


Arthritis is the rising issue where there are many different treatments available. With proper medical care, patients can recover from the pain and can retract back to healthy life.


Athlete's foot is a very common condition of the feet which means scaling and/or blistering of the soles which can become the major reason of itching. If it is caused due to fungus it can spread to the palms and body


A sprain in child’s foot occurs when there is stretch or tear in the ligaments. A sprain can happen due to majority of reasons. If in case Sprains results in constant pain and tingling consult doctors without any further delay.


Presence of certain characteristics are the proof for the diabetic foot such as infection. Due to the dysfunction in peripheral reason there is reduced ability to feel pain


Forefoot pain is due to the presence of long metatarsal bones in the foot. The common injuries include metatarsal stress fractures, bunions, and Morton's neuroma. Sudden movement or acute injuries can result in the direct trauma and can lead to fractures and ligament sprains.


Heel pain is a common foot issue. Where Pain usually occurs under the heel area or just behind it, the region where Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone. Sometimes the impact can be on the side of the heel.


Skin disorders varies from temporary to permanent and can range from being painless or painful. Some can be situational, while others are genetic. While most skin disorders are minor in nature while others can be very complicated


Nails are very important part for functionality. It provides huge support for sensations. The toenail functions are very in like the foot. Any Injuries to the nail can lead to permanent deformity and reduction in sensations


There are variety of problems associated with abnormal gait and are the reason beyond the issues related to walking. Walking Injuries include, diseases, or abnormal development of the muscles or bones of your legs or feet which restrict the movements and reduces agility


Other condition includes the psychological trauma, a damage to the psyche that can be due to many distressing situation or events.

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