When you happen to look at the anatomy of the human body, then there are many different things that one can find and discover. it’s like you happen to discover so many different things that even you get surprised as to what it might be and what is the basic function of your finding. Therefore, when we talk about anatomy, then each and every part of the human body comes into the picture and specifically when we talk about the legs and the foot, then it’s an entirely new universe altogether. The foot is the basic part of the human body which enables us to walk or even stand. But then even while walking or while standing, you can experience that the hell of the foot is where all the impact is laid that helps us in our daily activities and thus we are going to have a general overview about the different kind of things that could be happening to the hell of the foot.

In day to day life, while running or walking, when you look at the different places where the energy or the impact is being absorbed then you will come to know that about 80% of the impact is taken up by the arch kind of shape on the foot along with the heels and another 20% is taken up by the tendons, ligaments and muscles that surround the foot. The foot is an interesting place and there are millions of this that could possibly go wrong. Several kinds of diseases, infections or even deformations can occur which we may have no idea about. sometimes these injuries might be serious and might involve surgical advancements, while others can be healed with the help of physical therapy. Hence, we are going to have few of the basic problems or condition that happen to the heel of the foot discussed in this page.

Heel Spur

Taking a closer look at the human body, there is a different kind of problems that might be natural or artificial in several ways. Some might be really serious while others get away with the application of medication. But then some abnormalities do happen to lie in the body where no one can predict as to what might seem to be the real cause. In any type of accident or even a serious injury, primarily the skeleton system happens to be injured in the area of the damage. Mainly because of the fact that the skeleton system can be injured in two primary ways. The first one is artificial which involves the application of pressure and impact that makes it deform in the opposite direction causing severe problems. But then the second one is a natural way where some of the other kind of defect that might be due to heredity or genetic disorder that paves way for its occurrence at a particular point of age. But then when we take a closer look at the foot, then deformations are more prominent and also frequent in people. But amongst the many that are present in the world of possible conditions of the foot, you can say that a natural defect might be a heel spur. A condition that is explained in detail below.

If you take a closer look at the condition of a heel spur, then it is the condition where excess build of calcium starts to form an extension below the foot in the region of the heel. This may be an inch and a half long in size that can at times be painless or can give you an extreme amount of pain. The condition can be noticeable under the application of X-ray or by shocks of pain coming from underneath the foot. If you have a heel spur, then the entire condition is known as heel spur syndrome. In the majority of the cases, heel spur happens to be painless as discussed above, but then in this condition, you can witness the inflammation of the fibre or connecting tissue that connects the heels to the front of the foot, to the ball like structure. Therefore, there might be certain treatments that are advisable depending upon the condition and how deep the condition might be. Surgery also might be required if none of the treatments proves to be effective. But they happen to occur in athletes a whole lot more often than regular people.

Heel Pain (fasciitis)

Pain in humans isn’t that common as we can say that our response to stimuli might be through pain or even by reacting vigorously to the affecting condition in the body. Pain, on the other hand, can be through many different ways. It can be emotional or can be physical or mental, there are plenty. Hence when you ever get any kind of pain, then it might be due to some of your wrongdoings that causes the pain or just genetics or heredity causing the problem. Hence pain can affect in the human body in many ways and when we primarily concentrate on the foot, then you come to know that pain in the legs can be due to one of many reasons or can be simply due to ageing. But the origination of this pain in the foot mainly starts from the heel bone or the part of the foot that touches the ground when you happen to walk or run.

During the session of walking, you can come to know that the hell bone is the main reasons for us being able to walk properly and the other tendons, ligaments and muscles can help us to have a rhythmic walking pattern. But in these movements, there are two main structures that are located underneath the foot which is plantar fascia which happens to be a band of fibrous tissues that run from the end of the foot till the front connecting everything together and keeping the foot in structure and then there are small five toes. All of which are associated with walking and with the heel pain as well. Normally the parts of the foot discussed above happen to be the major mechanism of bearing all the weight and also making sure that you make the most out of your walking abilities and make it count. But what if there was some underlying condition the provokes this rhythm and causes it abruptly alter our movement. This where the condition of pain comes in where you will realize that hell pain is one of those pains that is affiliated or also known as plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is regarded as the most common culprit whenever it comes down to pain in the heels. It is mainly due to the matter of fact that plantar fascia is a connecting band of tissue that connects the heel or sole of the foot to the ball like structure on the front of the foot. Thus, when this gets inflamed under pressure or some kind of problem. That’s when you realize that you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain. Mainly it occurs to people who walk or run a lot without wearing proper footwear or even taking any kind of protection when they move around. The condition might vary but then it sure can be reduced by a change in lifestyle and also by undergoing therapy classes to get rid of the pain. If the pain is extensive and none of the treatments happens to be working then surgery proves to be the last option in order to get rid of the problem.

Cracked Heels

The basic appearance of the human body can be quite deceiving and also interesting at the same time. This is mainly because of the fact that the entire human body happens to be covered with skin. Like almost 100% of the total human body comprises skin and makes up to 16% of the total body weight in general. The skin of any living organism happens to be the temperature regulator of the body and also gives the body protection from germs and bacteria at the same time. No doubt that skin always has the tendency to grow back again or regenerate itself whenever there might be any kind of fault, but then in order words, if you were to ever cut yourself, then you can see that after a while, the cut wouldn’t be there and the skin just eliminates it. Such miraculous property makes it special and the one thing that you possess in order to be classified as s human.

But when you talk about pain and other receptors revolving around this topic, then you will come to know that it’s something really interesting that happens with related to skin. You can have millions of small little things happening on your skin while you are reading this, but then the main ones are quite noticeable and are the most prominent of all the other conditions out there. But we aren’t going to discuss them in detail but we definitely are going to discuss the problems of the skin on the foot. If there was any kind of fracture or internal damage then your skin would turn purple immediately and cause it to swell beyond limits. But when you ever look at the foot of a teenager and then at an elderly person you might have seen some particular differences. Wrinkles, softness, etc. might be common but then the main differentiation factor is the cracked hells. This is what we are going to discuss in detail which is explained below. 

Cracked heels are one of the most common kinds of problems that can affect any human being at any point in time. More than fever, cracked heels are more prominent in humans. In a recent survey that was conducted, it was shown that almost 20% of the people in the united states of America happen to have cracked heels under their feet. But this condition might not be that serious at all. It might be negligible and painless at most of the times. but some deep grooves in the heels can definitely cause excessive bleeding. But what are cracked heels? The basic condition where the heel happens to get hardened and then under the development of calluses just cracks like the way land cracks when there is a drought. This condition is known as cracked heels. There are several reasons for this to happens and the main reason would be age. Other causes might revolve around walking barefoot for a really long time, standing barefoot for a really long time, dry skin that scale up the entire foot and cause irritation and infection as well.


In the world of medicine and healthcare, you can never ever try to treat any person without having a certain kind of prognosis of the condition. Therefore, when it comes down to the overall treatment of certain kind of conditions, then it gets tough and complicated in many different ways. There are so many factors that get involved that suggestion of the proper treatment as this might vary from person to person. Needless to say, that treatment is the main solution to all your problems if you ever happen to know that you have an underlying condition that affects your health. For several people getting treated at home proves to be adequate and sufficient. But then it generally means that these home remedies may or may not work most of the times. therefore, consulting the designated doctor can be the most suitable solution for your recovery.

But for most of the people in the world, the main areas from where the pain happens to rise from is the foot or the joints in their body. It’s a critical condition where anything could happen at any point in time. Mainly for the elderly people who happen to face trouble while moving from one place to another. Ageing is the most common factor for the occurrence of any kind of condition in the body. All this is primarily due to the fact that the foot is the place where all of the body weight happens to be supported and thus you can never really stop anything from happening to this part of the body. But from so many conditions that might be affecting the foot, let’s get pretty specific and look down to one particular part of the foot where you might get a lot of complaints of the origin of pain and distress in so many levels. The heels. Yes, the heel is the most rubbed or inflamed part of the foot that happens to take in truckloads of abuse even though it serves such an intense form of action in the movement in one’s body.

Therefore, when we talk about the heels, then we know the there are many things that can go wrong in the region in and around the heels. But then to know what kind of condition can be different and quite difficult as well. The right kind of treatment can enable you to know that this is the cause of the problem and these are the steps that I might have to take in order to get the condition eradicated from the foot. Hence, we have rounded up some of the basic treatment options that we could find for the heel of your foot where you can explore them and choose the best that fits your condition. But then some of these treatments might be invasive and quite life-threatening, so decide for yourself and then go ahead. But as well know it that if nothing works out then surgery is the last resort for any kind of non-effective treatment in the human body. The different treatments are given below. Take a look.  

  • Resting – if you see most of the foot related conditions, then in the column of suggestion for treatment, you can see that resting is the main factor that can boost your conditions not to be there in your body anymore. Therefore, whenever you have any kind of problem in your heels which paves way for pain, then limit standing, walking, running or any other action that might involve the foot or the heel. Especially avoid walking on hard surfaces as this can aggravate the condition much more.
  • Cold and hot packs – for many of the people whomsoever might be reading this, you come to know that the essential factor in solving any kind of problem that might have to affect your foot and resort to pain, the application of ice or hot packs is the best thing to do. This is mainly due to the fact that the temperature decreases or increase happens to calm down the inflamed muscles, tendons, ligaments of the affected region. So, ensure that you happen to massage the affected heel region of the foot at three time a day for 15-20 mins daily.
  • External support - often whenever you can walk or even move from one place to another, then you happen to realize that you need something or a support system in order to get some form of movement, right? Therefore, using crunches, wedges underneath the heel or any kind of support mechanism that can prevent the affected part of the heel to not feel any kind of pain can be sued. There are many custom-made helps cups and crunches as well that can be tailor fitted to your leg such that it provides ample amount of support and a pain free experience.
  • Custom shoes – usage of custom-made shoes can boost the overall tendency of the condition to spread and just give you a premium experience in doing any kind of leg or foot related work. But then if you happen to have normal pain then wearing of normal shoes also can be suitable. But beware, wear only the shoes that fit you properly and not the ones where you have to squeeze in your affected foot such that pain shoot ups adequately. Hence have suitable footwear and try to maintain foot hygiene by keeping it away from any kind of infection that can elevate the problem even more.
  • Physical therapy – undergoing any kind of physical therapy can definitely boost your chances of making sure that the pain goes away and the condition is completely eradicated from the body. Needless to say, that stretching of the body and strengthening your lower legs can enable some rapid changes to occur that makes it susceptible to damage and make the pain along with the underlying cause for heel pain to go away. Hence do try out physical treatment as there are many cases where it has helped out several patients suffering from different kind of heel conditions.

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