looking at the anatomy of the human body, you can come to the realization that it’s made up of complex factors that can neither be replicated or modified in any ways possible. But then there is something in this world that beg to differ. And those are the various conditions that happen to enter your body and thus causing to just be really adverse in many ways possible. Certain conditions happen to alter the overall growth structure of the human body and giving some pairs of extra limbs or by developing things in the unexpected area. Hence to have more research put into these fields can allow us to study them better and develop an overall mechanism for ensuring that such things did happen. Needless to say, that if such conditions were to exists then it mostly was to happen in the lower part of the body and that is the foot and the legs. They have the most number of bones and comprises several different types of limbs that make up the entire human body. Therefore, let’s study it a bit in detail. 

Now that we know that there happens to exist certain types of conditions that alter the overall growth factor in our body, then we have one very interesting kind of conditions that support this and it is known as the heel spur. The name might sound freaky but then when you factor in all the causes for it, then you can come to the realization that it’s an abnormal defect that can happen to anyone. If the body happens to have more than enough calcium deposit, then it might just start growing another pair of bones in the most abnormal places in the body. The entire condition revolves around the foot. Where the heels of the foot develop a half an inch-long deformation that proves to be the condition of the heel spur. Now that we have a general overview of the conditions, let’s dig deeper and know about the condition much better. Let’s get started.


Now that we have a basic explanation about the condition of heel spur. Then let’s dive into the much interesting facts about the condition that can give us something interesting to hold onto. Basically, in the world of infections, diseases and other kinds of thing that happen to us, there are some underlying things that might fascinate and give us an overall explanation to how it’s done and how it happens to establish in our body. Therefore, let’s get to know such things about the condition of heel spur.  We have rounded up some of them and given it below. So, take a look.

  • Heel spur happens to give you pain but only in the mornings. In several cases many people who were induced with the condition of heel spur had major pain in the morning and subtle shocks of pain throughout the day.
  • It’s surprising to know that almost 38% of the entire world population would never know that they have the condition of heel spur. The condition generally develops over a longer period of time and thus by the age of 45-50, the condition evolves much more rapidly and the symptoms are persistent.
  • Ladies are more likely to have the condition of heel spur mainly because of the shoe wearing habits that they tend to have.
  • For many people out there, heel spur might be a condition, but then if you were to look at the bright side of it, then you will come to know that it’s a basic way of the body trying to help the foot from getting plantar fasciitis and another kind of foot abnormality.
  • If your foot is diagnosed with the condition of plantar fasciitis then it’s very likely that heel spur is also there. And these aren’t subtle but very painful at all times of the day.
  • People who happens to have extra weight in their body are more likely to have the condition of heel spur. The body weight happens to act as one of the main factors that accounts for the occurrence of the condition.
  • But then the condition of heel spur is treatable and almost 90% of the total people who happen to suffer from the condition get treated without any surgical intervention at all. Basic footwear changes and lifestyle changes happen to be the basic factor of the overall heeling of the condition.

Causes and symptoms

Well for every condition that the body happens to have, there are some underlying factors that play a vital role in ensuring that the condition stays persistent and doesn’t go away that easily. Mainly because of which it accumulates into becoming something much bigger than what it was meant to be. Hence if you were to ever to be induced with any kind of condition then you can always refer to the causes or certain factors that are responsible for the condition to rise up in the body in the first place. Especially in the foot, it’s a place where anything can happen and you will not be aware of it. Therefore, in this segment of the article, we are going to refer to the world of the causes that lead to the development of heel spur in the first place. Hence, we have rounded up some of the primary causes that can conflict the occurrence of a heel spur. Take a look.

  • If you have some weird posture of walking and inducing a whole lot of pressure in the back-heel portion of the foot, then heel spur can easily be caused.
  • If you are overweight and happen to have a condition of being obese in the first place.
  • Running or even jogging on surfaces that are hard and especially on barefoot which can aggravate the condition exponentially.
  • Wearing or usage of shoes or footwear that happens to be not the size of your foot and can induce a lot of pressure on the heel as you walk which can make the condition of heel spur to occur profusely.
  • Ageing can also play an important factor in the overall occurrence of heel spur as there is no protection of the heel which eventually pave way for the condition can to arise.
  • Having another condition on the foot such as flat feet or high arches that can give rise to the third condition of a heel spur.
  • Putting pressure on only one side of your foot that can eventually cause some other kind of deformation other than heel spur.
  • The frequent physical activity that relies on only one foot that can eventually give way to heel spur and several other conditions as well.

Now that we have gone through the various causes of the occurrence of a heel spur, let’s dive a bit deeper into the symptoms of the condition and what it might look when you might have it. Well, the overall portion of the foot from up top might look the same but then if you were to actually see it from underneath, then you can diagnose the condition properly depending upon the extent of the damage done by heel spur on your foot. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the most common symptoms and have given it below. Take a look.

  • The major symptoms of heel spur include pain and agony in the back of the foot. Mainly because of which you happen to see swelling and inflammation of the affected area as well. The area that has heel spur turns warm and also becomes tender upon touch. But then when you look closely, you can witness that there might be a small penetration indication of the deformed bone that happens to come out from the region that happens to be affected.
  • But then there are some of the heel spurs where there are no indications of it happening at all. Almost 90% of the people who happen to be induced with the condition of heel spur don’t have any external signs but then have only slight pain and discomfort. While the rest of the region from where the condition happens to originate from remains unchanged with a slight change in color and becoming red. But if you x-ray the region that is affected, then you can see a small growth of excess calcium deposits underneath the foot.
  • But then these were the classic symptoms of heel spur that if you have then it might be the condition of a heel spur. But then there are times where that can be pain and swelling and no indications. Do consult a doctor in order to get a thorough diagnosis of the pain and overall treatment.

How to know if you have it?

In several cases of the major symptoms that might be inflicted by conditions, you can see that it happens to be a whole lot more difficult to even know what kind of condition might have affected you and what treatment you should get in order to eradicate the condition from the body. But then when you try to look closer then you can come to know as to what you might have and the right kind of diagnosis can be followed. This is mainly because of the fact that several diseases and condition happen to portrait similar symptoms that make it tougher to determine the exact one. Therefore, in this segment of the article are going to discuss the various slight indications of symptoms that can enable you into knowing whether or not you have the condition of heel spur or is it just something else. Hence, we have rounded up some of the important symptoms and have given it below. So, take a look.

  • The major symptoms or indication of whether you have heel spur is a pain. But then this isn’t the standard pain, it’s more like it happens to be induced directly underneath the foot with a sharp and revolting way and this is only when you happen to stand up in the morning.
  • If the condition has surpassed a certain point in time, then you can see a horn like shaped structure underneath the foot.
  • A dull pain or shimmer shocks that happen throughout the foot that makes it impossible to walk or even stand.
  • You can feel that sizzling feeling or heat buildup feeling throughout the affected region of the foot that makes it very relaxing but then irritating after a point of time.
  • An immense amount of swelling and inflammation of the region around the affected area of the foot that can be caused by the deformation of the foot.
  • The affect ted region turns out to be really tender upon touch and can be vaguely accountable for the overall walking and standing movements of the body.

But then for more clarity on how the condition happens to occur and other kinds of information, you can consult a doctor that can help you in a much better way. Needless to say, that an x-ray also might give you clarity upon the overall situation of whether you have it or not. But then it most of the times, many people without any kind of symptoms of pain or any other penetration, they have the condition of heel spur that makes it really awkward in knowing how the condition has been caused and how long has it been there.

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