Identifying Foot Pain

With the incoming winter weather, most of us will temporarily take on a more sedentary lifestyle. One could argue that if bears can hibernate, so can we! However, with our New Year’s resolutions lingering in our minds, it can be hard to sit still for too long. Finding a way to get moving in the winter can be tough, but it’s just as helpful for your feet as it is for other parts of your body to remain active. When we rest for too long and become more sedentary, our existing foot and ankle pain can start to ‘feel better’ until we start becoming active again.

Before you know it, you’ve gone 3 or 4 months without addressing your foot pain and now it’s put a damper on your summer plans! Over half of U.S. citizens experience some sort of foot or ankle pain in their lifetime. Surprisingly, only one-third of those experiencing foot or ankle pain will get help from a foot doctor! Considering we have so many bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons within our feet and ankles, it can be tough to identify what’s hurting where. Our doctors at Tri County Foot & Ankle Center want you to feel confident and prepared! What are some ways you can prepare to meet with a podiatrist so it’s easier for you to talk about and identify your foot pain?

While sitting, stretch your leg forward and roll your ankle around. Point your foot up and down, left to right, and around in a circle while curling your toes off and on. Take note of when and where you feel any discomfort.

Additionally, while seated, you can also roll a tennis ball along the bottoms of your feet. If it triggers any pain or tenderness, be sure to note where and how much pain this exercise produces.

Lastly, using a flight of stairs, walk slowly up and down three or four steps while barefoot. Notate where and when there is any pain. At the top step, while holding on to a railing, try to balance on your tippy-toes. Notate how it feels.

These exercises will surely help you feel more prepared for your appointment with Dr. Jonathan Michael, Dr. Nadine Thabata, and Dr. Lisa Zhang. Get a head start on your foot healthy by calling us to schedule yourself in at one of our five locations in Hudson County and surrounding areas.

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