Lower Limb Circulation


The entire process of lower limb circulation happens to arise from the heart and then travels to the legs and the foot to maintain the overall integrity of the human body. This is important to regulate the overall functioning and also keep it on par with everything else that is going on. But then there can be fluctuations in the circulations because of some underlying condition that might prevent this from happening. Hence several devices can be used in order to achieve sinus rhythm in the overall lower limb circulation.


The entire procedure of how devices might help in improvising lower limb circulation is given below.

  • The entire procedure through which these devices carry out the basic function of improving blood circulation in the foot is through the means of vibration.
  • Mainly these vibrations are concentrated on the nerve endings of the foot where the device can feel less blood flow and then increase the overall rate of blood flow in general.
  • There are different machines that can do this all-day long. But then the average user would be from 20-30 mins on a daily basis to improve blood flow circulation in the lower limbs.