Marian M.

"Dr . Michael is perfect in diagnosis and management and also in dealing with patients. .he is helpful ,excellent and has a great knowledge. I recommend him for any one how needs an excellent podiatrist .His office is wonderful,its clean and organised and his stuff are helpful."

-Marian M.

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"My husband Chris had terrible arthritis in his foot and had such a hard time walking, Dr. Michael, operated on him and now he walks great and with no pain!! Thanks Doctor"

-Chris J.

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"Dr. Michael saved my feet! Before coming to see Dr. Michael I had suffered for nearly 9 years with painful plantar warts that WOULD NOT GO AWAY. My previous doctors could not help me. Dr Michael was incredibly kind and knowledgeable about treatment options. He is up to date with the latest medical advances and found the best treatment option for me. Over the course of the last year that I've been his patient we worked diligently to cure my feet without surgery! I am forever grateful!"

- Rebecca L.

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Sintra S

“I've been suffering with foot pain for the past 4 years,. I saw a Podiatrist that sent to make orthotics and I've been on that for the past 4 years with no relief. When I went to see Dr. Michael I was a little hesitant but he was able to hit the nail on the head to what my problem was (some type of arthritis) and was able to refer me to someone in that speciality. Dr. Michael has the experience needed and is an amazing Doctor.”

- Sintra S.

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“Wonderful experience. Dr. Michael and his staff very easy to communicate with and they sincerely listen. I had orthotics ordered and I've been wearing them now for a few weeks; they have reduced my heel pain and hip pains enormously.“

- Mike

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