The human is made up of 206 bones. Each of them is accountable for some of the other features and has certain specific functions that they have to carry out. Regardless they also serve as the supporting structure to our body and giving it the proper shape and size. Needless to say, that anything could possibly go wrong in so many different ways that you might have to be careful enough to keep everything intact and let nothing happen to them. But what if there were some kind of problem that rose in the bones that might lead to some serious issue. Yes, there are different kinds of infections that can lead to several of the bone disorders, but there aren’t many that happen in the foot. The foot is the main area where all of the general work of supporting the weight and also keeping the body upright is being carried out. Any defect in this area can result in the individual to not walk or even stand at all. There are many possibilities of anything to occur in the foot, including some kind of deformity that you can expect. But then some might be natural while others can be accidental. In this article, we are going to talk about accidental injuries that might lead to fractures or sprains given the level of damage that you might witness. Sesamoiditis is one of those conditions where depending upon the type of physical activity that you might be doing, it can affect your feet. It is a condition where the region behind the toe which is made up of small bones happens to get inflamed and also tends to get fractured. This might happen because of sudden force directly being imparted on this region. Such a condition Is called as Sesamoiditis. Now that we have an overview about the condition, let’s get an in-depth view about the condition. Let’s get cracking.


Ever since the discovery of vaccines and cures for diseases and infections, the world of healthcare and medicine has been a keen subject in the minds of millions. It is primarily because of the way that each of these infections happens to have some kind of interesting factor that makes it really astonishing to have your full attention to learn more and more about the situation. Nevertheless, certain kind of infections or even diseases have some areas or regions where they are most prominent and frequently discovered. Such facts do tend to help in making sure that it is the right kind of diseases that the individual is being treated for. Therefore, in this segment of the article, we are going to discuss some of the interesting and outstanding facts that you might not have known about Sesamoiditis. We have rounded up few of the many facts that we could get our hands on and are given below. So, take a look.

  • Sesamoiditis is a condition that can happen anywhere in the body other than the toes. It can happen in the other 42 sesamoid bones as well.
  • The duration in which Sesamoiditis happens to heal is within 4 weeks. If this doesn’t happen this it might be some other condition or a Sesamoiditis that takes more time heal.
  • The primary factors for the occurrence of Sesamoiditis are purely dependent upon fractures and stress fractures. Yes, there might be sudden jerks that could cause this, but then they have to be of high intensity focusing on the sesamoids in the body.
  • The most common people who happen to have such kind of deformation are dancers and runners who happen to give a whole lot of stress to their sesamoids.
  • The condition of Sesamoiditis doesn’t happen abruptly but takes place gradually and starts to pain slowly giving you some intense pain and agony when it has fully developed.

Causes and symptoms

Behind every successful infection, disease or deformation in the body there is a root cause that happens to be the sole reason for it to occur in the human body. Such causes can be held responsible for the lifestyle of the individual and how they might carry out their lives. Most of the root causes of any kind of infection or disease are the way they happen to live their life and the way they take care of their health. But then other kinds of infections or disease may beg to differ. There can be several different kinds of naturally occurring conditions or might be acquired through the air or through someone else. The reason and causes are of plenty. Therefore, if you were to ever find out the root cause of any of infection or disease then you will see that each of the infection has some kind of particular area where it happens to occur and spread from there. Therefore, when we talk about the foot and looking deep into the root causes of how Sesamoiditis might occur in the human body, then the only answer that you might get is stress related fractures and also some high-intensity jolts of pressure ion the sesamoids of your foot or anywhere in the body. Well, these are the primary causes of the condition to occur in the body. But then there are several other causes as well that can result in the occurrence of Sesamoiditis in the body. Some of which are given below. Take a look.

  • As discussed earlier, the primary factor for the occurrence of Sesamoiditis is the increased activity that one might have in their daily lives.
  • Any kind of high-intensity activity such as running or even jumping can cause Sesamoiditis to occur very easily.
  • Also, other foot conditions such as hammer toes, cavus foot are also highly linked with the occurrence of Sesamoiditis because of the lack of mov3ment of the toes and also because of the intense pressure build up that the sesamoids just snap and cause this type of condition.
  • Arthritis also plays a vital role in the occurrence of Sesamoiditis. Because of which the joints happen to become rigid and due to lack of movements, the sesamoid become weak and eventually give in to Sesamoiditis.
  • In some other cases, it might be natural or due to some fatal accident but then the blood circulation around the bones of the sesamoids, happens to reduce casing the bone to eventually due to A condition known as osteochondritis where the body happens to replace the dead bone with enough calcium around the spot of the dead bone.
  • Also, any kind of birth defect can also cause the condition to increase because of the occurrence of an extra layer of skin underneath the toe giving rise to Sesamoiditis. Corns and hammertoes and causes foot are also highly linked in the happenings of Sesamoiditis.
  • Checking in with the right kind of doctor can give you the exact diagnosis of the condition and also give you the cause as well.

For the detection of any kind of problem that you might have, there are several ways that can be used in order to know what the situation is on any part of your body. These indications are quite often if you were to get any kind of external damage that can be easily notified and taken care of. But what if the condition is internal and there no ways of telling. Well, every infection or disease happens to shut down some of the functions of the body in order to play its role as an infection or disease. But then, on the contrary, the body also gives out signs that there is something that is harming the body and gives it in ways of fever, pain or even bruising or fractures as external signs. Therefore, such symptoms are generally given out through several conditions but for external conditions, there are several ways as from a glance and the pain that a person might be enduring, you can get to know that something is wrong and thus can cause a panic to set off.  Hence when we come down to the world of Sesamoiditis, then we can come to know that pain and bruising are the main features or symptoms that you can see or witness through your naked eye and also detect the possibilities of it occurring in the foot of the particular individual. But then, on the contrary, there are several other symptoms or indications of the problems where one can come to know whether or not they have it. Hence, we have rounded up some of the most common yet important symptoms of Sesamoiditis and given below. Take a look. 

  • Well, the symptoms are primarily comprised of pain. Like a whole lot of pain. But then they can gradually increase or decrease depending upon the treatment. Other than this the pain usually rises in the joints of the toes where it Sesamoiditis generally happens to occur.
  • You get a feeling of the sesamoids being tender when they actually have to be hard and strong. Thus, feeling also can give you the indication of the presence of Sesamoiditis.
  • Also, the movement of the toes happens to be limited as the movement tends to be redundant because of the lack of sesamoids to help in the movement.
  • But the pain that we discussed earlier isn’t constant but then happens to occur a whole lot more when the toe that is affected with Sesamoiditis is stretched upwards making it really painful and unbearable. But then this generally happens while walking that can increase the condition even more.
  • Also, you can find some intense levels of catching up of the joints in the toe that can later result in the occurrence of catching and popping.
  • Catching and popping are mainly comprised because of the extra pain that a person might endure during the span of Sesamoiditis.
  • Also, you can even get a feeling of the toe being numb and effortless even when you tried to move it.

Now that we have discussed everything there is to know about the effects of a condition that affects the body but, in this case, Sesamoiditis. Let’s get on to the other factors also known as risk factors that happen to affect the body even more. What this means to say is that these couple of factors that are given below are the definite ways of you getting Sesamoiditis and also can be a permanent affair if it isn’t kept in check. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the various risk factors for the occurrence of Sesamoiditis and have given it below. So, do take a look.

  • Wearing high heels – this mainly refers to women who happen to wear heels that are of higher lengths. Primarily because the entire weight of the body lies on the sesamoids that can easily break up if anything were to go wrong.
  • Having high arches – well this might be a natural condition as having high arches might as well put your body at risk and give you an improper walking posture and your legs might just succumb to the weight and give you several of the foot related problems at the same time.
  • Larger sesamoids – a condition where you might have some insanely long sesamoids that might alter your overall walking posture and give in to getting sesamoids very easily.
  • Age – age plays a vital role as there are so many things that affect your body as you become older. Therefore, after the age of 70 Sesamoiditis is apparently very common.
  • Also having the condition of osteoporosis happens to elevate the chances of Sesamoiditis to occur in the body.
  • Engaging the body in several rigorous sports activities that involve your foot more often happens to give you Sesamoiditis and also can elevate the chances of some other kind of foot related condition.

How do you know if you have Sesamoiditis?

If any kind of diseases or condition were to hit your body then you may or may not come to know. But then if there were signs of the condition telling that it’s there, then it’s possible to treat it can get it removed from your body. Therefore, in this part of the article, we are going to discuss how a person can know whether or not they have Sesamoiditis. well, Sesamoiditis is a condition that happens to be prominent in the upper part or the top region of the foot where all the toes happen to reside. Needless to say, that if anything was to happen in this region, there might be some unexpected consequences as you might lose the overall ability to walk or even move because of the inability to walk. With that being said, Sesamoiditis happens to bring along pain and distress slowly and nothing out of the blue. The pain gradually rises and then everything tends to happen. Therefore, let’s get inside it a bit deeper and discover the various ways of knowing whether or not if you have Sesamoiditis. We have searched and found several answers for this and the more common ones are given below to help you in the search to find Sesamoiditis. The different points are given below. So, take a look.

  • Well if you are a victim of Sesamoiditis then you will gradually experience pain. Well, this pain happens to be at first less and then rises to a whole new level if the condition worsens over a period of time.
  • Well, it’s hard to tell between a fracture and Sesamoiditis as both the condition give out the same kind of external features.
  • In fracture, the pain happens to constant and increases over time. But then in Sesamoiditis, the pain happens too gradually increase and then reaches the point of distress and agony.
  • Also, if you were to check out where exactly the location of the sesamoids is, then you will see that there will be slight bruise marks like something has hit you. This will increase over a period of time and happen to become worse with the pain.
  • Not only this but you can witness that there will be some problem with your toe in making it straight. Generally, you can bend your toe and move it, but on the onset of Sesamoiditis, you can experience the pain and the cracks of the sesamoids through the pain that the condition delivers.
  • Swelling is the main key that will give you the indication that something has defiantly gone wrong. It might be a fracture or Sesamoiditis, you could never differentiate at a glance. But then the pain that you might be getting from the swollen part of the foot can give you the differentiation that you might need.
  • Also, the pain that we spoke in this entire article happens to arise from the bottom of the foot. What this means to say is that the pain comes from the front bottom region of the foot and goes at its own will. Thus, giving you a mystery as to when the pain might come and go. It’s uncertain.

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