Infection or any other kind of deadly disease that you might see on your body is harmful yet very intriguing to even know the possible known causes as to where it might originate from. But in the case of the foot or the nails that the toes on our legs, there are several different things that are external and yet quite deadly as well. Therefore, in the realm of foot diseases and infections, we have one very prominent contender in the area of the toes which is also known as fungus nails or an infection or on the toe or the nails of the foot. This kind of condition is very common at the foot of the elderly and also can cause some interesting aftermath effects when it isn’t treated properly. The entire detection scheme of the fungus nails is the discoloration of the nail thus making it really yellow from the normal pink and also causing the nail to be thick and flakey where you can see parts of it actually chipping off causing some really deep damage which might not be reversible to normal health. 

But then there are several different conditions from which if the pain is not there or if the damage is slight then it will be pain free and effortless to bring the nail back to shape but then if the condition is bad and irreversible then you might have to go through immense treatments and surgical processes to actually get back the original nail. Not only this but then it does come back in most cases. But in general, nail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. But if this spreads out rapidly and goes in between your foot and toes then it might be called as athletes foot which is a whole new agenda to fungus nails treatment.


On the contrary to what we spoke about earlier, there are some interesting things that you might be keen to know and also witness about the infection.

Well, they can be quite simple and harmless but then if they were to outgrow their initial attack spots and spread across the foot then there might be deadly consequences over a long-term period that might result in the amputation of the foot as well.

 Therefore, have a keen look on the below-given facts and features of the fungus nails to know more about the disease and also be aware of what is in store for you when it might happen to you at that given point of time.

Therefore, the various interesting facts about fungus nails are given below. Take a look.

  • Well if you might be thinking that fungus nails aren’t contagious then you are living in a whole new different scenario as they are highly contagious. If you are around a person having fungus nails then avoid any sort of contact of their nails to you.
  • Well, this might be interesting but then almost one-third of the total population all around the globe whole are suffering from diabetes have fungus nails.
  • Fungus nails tend to be held responsible for around 30% of the total skin infections that might happen to an individual.
  • But the majority of the cases that have been dealt with fungus nails have been caused by an external factor mainly because of the dermatophyte fungi.
  • An interesting fact is to know that men are more susceptible to women in getting fungus nails.
  • Almost around 5% of the total population all around the world have fungus nails and over 20% of the people who are over 60 years of age have the infection on them.
  • But then if you are wondering if fungus nails are only on the legs, then you are wrong. There are certain kind of diseases that tend to cause both the toenails as well as the fingernail to be susceptible to the disease.

Causes and symptoms

Now that we know what the disease is and how it tends to progress over a period of time, we then have some of the causes that might be interesting and intriguing at the same time.  Mainly because of the ways that one can actually inherit it on any basis. the underlying causes for the infection are plentiful as we are about to discuss in the article. Therefore, let’s get on with the different causes for the fungus nails to occurs on a person in the first place. The general causes are of plenty. Some might even say that it might happen because of a person’s lifestyle and how well they take care of their body. 

On the contrary, fungus nails are mainly caused but a type of fungi that is responsible for the entire happening of the infection. But then the most common type of fungi that causes this type of infection is the dermatophyte fungi that cause the infection in the first place. Also, yeast and molds are held responsible for most the cases that revolve around fungus nails. 

The occurrence of such an infection can depend on several factors that might result in the personal lifestyle or the age factor that might play a primitive role. the happenings of infection might happen at any given point in time, it tends to happen to the people of an older age. But then for old people, it might be a different story to tell as there are so many different things involved that the occurrence can be expected. 

The toes just become yellow and brittle that if they break away it wouldn’t be surprising at all. But then the fungi given here that is held responsible for fungus nails to happen travels inside the nails through these nail cracks causing further progression of the infection. But then there was some of the primitive causes, but then the other ones might include the low blood circulation to the toes that might cause the foot to lose its infection-fighting capability in order to make its way to fight the infection in the first place.

Also, the lack of a proper immune system that might result in the toenail to be very weak and not function or maintain properly under any circumstances. But then to get the infection is highly unlikely. in rare cases, it has happened and most of the times fungus nails tend to occur due to the spreading of athlete’s foot that makes it much more primitive and common for its causes on an individual.

Now that we have learnt the overall causes of fungus nails. Then let’s dive down to the symptoms that might occur while you might have the infection. There are several signs that can give you the indication of the infection and also make it quite convenient for you to notice them as well. The symptoms of the infection might appear on the later stages. Yes, there might be some kind of hardness, but then this is mainly due to the onset of it which is quite hard to tell. 

Only a doctor or a podiatrist can give you definitive results about it. So, let’s get on with the symptoms that you might see when you tend to have the disease or infection if you think you were to have it. So, take a look.

  • If you were to have the infection, then form a glance you will start to notice some sort of scaling that might result in the stepping of the nail. This entire scaling under the nail part is also known subungual hyperkeratosis.
  • Not only this but then there will be withering signs and also crumble factors all around the edge of the nail that can be witnessed. This entire scenario is also called as distal onychomycosis.
  • You can witness a prominent sight of yellow lines which can either dark or light based on the progression of the disease that is witnessed as one of the symptoms of the disease. This entire scenario is also known as lateral onychomycosis.
  • Generally, in the end, you will notice that the nail might be missing because the fungus just eats up everything or makes it very hard for it to retain itself on the toe. So, there is a loss of the nail
  • There are noticeable pits or pothole kind of indication onto the nail that might be an accountability of the white patches that you can notice on the nail. Also, you can see some flaky appearances on the nail that might be the aftermath of the disease or infection itself over a course of time.
  • You can notice some underlying patches on the bottom of the nail which is also known as proximal onychomycosis.

How to know if you have it?

Well, there aren’t many ways that one can identify whether or not they might have it, but then even if you do it might be prominent as to whether you have it or you wouldn’t, the underlying causes are of plenty. There are several different infections that might have the same kind of effects on your nails and it may or may not be that of fungus nails. But then the right diagnosis can make all the difference and also get you the right kind of answers for the right treatment for you to know what might be causing the defect in that toenail of an individual. at the end of the survey that you might perform you might come across plenty of answers that might confirm your theory that you have it or not. But then the best way is to get it checked by a doctor or a podiatrist that can make all the difference. And also, to confirm that suspicion that you might have whether it is fungus nail or something else that might lead to the condition of the nail. What happens when you go to the doctor is that a scrap of the nail is taken and then seen through a microscope to check whether or not there are any signs of fungus that are acting on it. Thus, confirming the occurrence of fungus on the nail. But then at times the doctor might have to send the sample to the lab for further testing and confirming the diagnosis and prove that fungus nail might be there. But then there are other common signs that people can come to know all by their own. Some of which are given below. Therefore, take a look and analyze your nail before it’s too late.

  • On the onset of the progression of the infection you can easily come to know that the infection tends to take away most of the nail but the on the early stages you can witness that chips and bits of it start to fall out without any kind of pain and thus not giving you a chance of doubts that something might be wrong.
  • But then this is not only it., there are other stronger indications as well that tends to make way for the occurrence of fungus nail that might give you a strong hit of its presence. The smell. Well, the odor that your toe might give out is frankly quite bad when there is an onset of fungus nail and you might have to rush to the hospital in order to get it checked and get it treated as soon as possible.
  • Also, if you aren’t sure even after the first two indications then the appearance will give away the tell of the infection. Fungus nail usually makes the nail go yellow but along with it causing the nail to thicken and causing it to be hard to even cut with a nail cutter. Therefore, if you experience some abnormal growth then it’s better to get it tested and treated for fungus nail before it too late.

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